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Project: Pet Slim Down™ is about enhancing the quality of life for your pet through a thoughtful, easy-to-use, positive approach to weight loss. Designed to help your pet achieve a healthier weight, Project: Pet Slim Down™ is a comprehensive and easy-to-use weight management program done under a veterinarian’s careful guidance.

Purina® Pro Plan Veterinary Diets® is committed to helping you and your veterinarian make a true difference in your pet’s quality of life.

Learn more about project: pet slim down™ and how you can make a true difference to the quality of your pet’s life by clicking on the below images.
overweight cat
Obesity is a prevalent condition that can adversely affect your pet’s health.
dog on grass
Obesity is a prevalent condition that can adversely effect your overweight pet’s health.
OM Products
OM products are commonly recommended for overweight pets to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
pet success stories
Real pets. Real people. Real success.

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