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STEWART - 46% Cumulative Weight Loss

“He was brought in to us at 11 years old and overweight tipping the scales at 28 lbs. We set up a very strict feeding routine and some exercises. Our goal weight was 15 lbs. Stewart lost a total of 13 lbs (46.0% of his original body weight). He has remained a healthy 15 lbs since and is a very active healthy boy.”
Overweight Cat - Before
Overweight Cat - After

DAISY - 11.7% Cumulative Weight Loss

“Sticking to the Project: Pet Slim Down Program helped Daisy to reduce her weight down by over 5 lbs in 4 short months! Daisy and her pet parent are now enjoying a new healthy and happy lifestyle together.“
Overweight Dog - Before
Overweight Dog - After

BELLA - 31.0% Cumulative Weight Loss

“Bella started on OM on November 20, 2017 when she was 28.8 lbs. With diligence, follow-ups, multiple weigh ins and coaching, on March 20, 2018 Bella came into the clinic for a weigh in and she was 19.8 lbs! Her owners say that she LOVES the OM, and the food has truly changed hers and their lives!“
Overweight Cat - Before
Overweight Cat - After

SADIE - 7.0% Cumulative Weight Loss

“Sadie, who started off at 97 lbs on November 22, and at her last weigh in on January 26, she is at 90 lbs! Her owner is thrilled and Sadie can now jump in and out of the car without any help.“
Overweight Dog
Overweight Dog - After